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Project 1 - Old Harding Rd
Description:  Multi-use 1,200 square foot addition to a large home.
Project 2 - Pennywell Drive
Description: Added master suite home office, carport and deck.
Recently Added!
Project 3 - Belmont Blvd
Description:  Large home remodel and addition including kitchen, butler's pantry, family, master, porch, and driveway.
Project 4 - Blair Blvd
Description:  Removed failing brick arches and rebuilt porch in period style.
Project 5 - Saratoga Drive
Description:  Whole house remodel, family room and garage addition.
Project 6 - Saratoga Drive
Description:  Whole house remodel, master suite addition and garage addition.
Project 7 - Woodmont Blvd
Description:  Added rear stair/entrance/sunroom, front breakfast bay/screened porch/gable entry roof, and upper master suite.
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