429 Westfield Drive Nashville, Tn 37221
We are very pleased with our remodeled kitchen and family room. The mahone Co.'s workmanship is excellent and they were very responsive to our concerns during construction. We highly recommend this company.

Carol & Charley H
Otter Creek Ct
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I have built one home and renovated two others while acting as my own general contractor. We have just completed a renovation / addition project on our present home.After interviewing several contractors, we chose Don Mahone. Even though I couldn't be on site every day, Don gave my project his undivided attention and he dealt completely with all sub-contractors. He was on the job site every day and participated in the actual construction. Renovation projects are difficult to fully plan before you actually start removing walls. We worked through many issues and answered many questions as the project progressed. In every instance, Don gave me several options along with his professional opinion; in every case, he always took into consideration the cost. The quality of Don's work is above and beyond the building code. I feel that I got a quality product for a very fair price.
Kent & Cathy T
Woodmont Blvd.
I highly recommend and would again use Don Mahone Construction for any residental remodeling project, regardless of its size or complexity. Don is very skilled, thorough, trustworthy and treats each project as though it were being done to his own home. He is hands on, takes extreme pride in his work product, does not cut corners, completes the job right the first time, provides reliable written estimates and is very value-added in this regard. Sincerely, Bret.

Bret & Rebecca P
Don provides a comprehensive approach to his client's needs. His commitment to quality includes meticulous attention to ever detail. I highly recommend his work.

Jeff B
Blair Blvd
In 2007, we completed a significant addition to our 1930's era home using the services of Don Mahone. If you are looking for a general contractor who specializes in home renovation projects and understands the stress such projects put on the homeowner, Don Mahone should be considered for your project. We hired Don Mahone for our project because we wanted to work with a general contractor who would be physically present on the job site everyday, take no shortcuts on quality of workmanship, and would limit the number of projects on his plate so we received most if not all, of his attention. If that is what you want in a contractor, we highly recommend Don Mahone's services to you.
Jeff and Holly C.
Saratoga Drive